Come away with me

I am a traveler, that's what I do. The number one question that I get is how I can afford this lifestyle and the answer is that I sell travel stories to magazines, mostly. I also travel cheaply and I do not have many needs. Actually the main need I have is to move around, explore and experience. With me I have a camera that I mainly take photos with, so that my stories get some visual support. Sometimes I shoot short video clips too.

This blog is for all the travel stories that don't get sold, but deserve to get published. I hope you will enjoy them!

Taking Travel Photos

29 Jul 2021

When on a traveling trip, it is essential to take high-quality photos. This will help to document memorable moments. There are plenty of tips worth knowing to make these images look as good as possible. Typical recommendations include keeping batteries charged, choosing the proper perspective, and learning color theory.

Getting Paid as a Travel Writer

5 Feb 2020

For those of us who want to become a well-paid travel writer, there's no better moment to get started other than now. You don't need to have years of experience. All you need is a passion for travel, a love for words, and lots of creativity.

Travelling in the digital age

22 Nov 2019

The internet is undeniably what makes travelling possible for travel bloggers, writers, and other entrepreneurs who earn money as they travel from place to place. Thanks to Social Media and various freelance job platforms, it is not so difficult to make an income on the go.

A small laptop is enough for most entrepreneurs to be able to work from wherever they are. All you need is an internet connection and the required software installed on your device. Travel writers and videographers can simply post a new article or video on YouTube after a day of travelling, combining the pleasure of travelling with their professional skills. These entrepreneurs would either make money from ads that they display on their content, or else they get paid from a company that needs their content.

Others decide sell various products online, which is very easy to do these days. Sometimes, all you need is a product page and a PayPal account, so you can request payment easily via PayPal. You can then withdraw the funds to your credit card and use it on your travels!

Speaking of PayPal, this e-wallet has really made things much easier in the digital age. You can sell practically anything via these method, and it also comes in useful for purchasing, as you can use the same income stored in your PayPal account to buy something for yourself, or to play games at a PayPal casino.

How to Make a Living Travelling the World

1 Nov 2019

If you think you can't afford to travel around because you lose income, think again. There are various remote jobs you can do to support yourself during the entire trip. Among them are freelance writing, web development, social media moderating, affiliate marketing and many more.